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Is now the right time to get on the property ladder? A mortgage adviser’s tips for first-time buyers

We caught up with our specialist mortgage adviser, Emma Crocker, to share her views on whether it’s still a good time to buy, or whether you’re better off putting your house-hunting on hold.

To switch or not to switch? That is the question (that we are helping you to answer)

When the rate of your mortgage is coming to an end, it is important to explore all your options to make sure that whatever choice you make when it’s time to renew, it’s the right one for you.

Base rate increase: should potential first-time buyers reconsider?

We caught up with our specialist mortgage advisor, Emma Crocker, to find out what the surprise base rate increase from 4.5% to 5% could mean for the tens of millions of mortgage borrowers and prospective first-time buyers.

Emma Crocker, Mortgage and Protection Adviser

Skipton’s 100% mortgages: Our initial thoughts

Described by some commentators as a “revolutionary” way to help people off the high rents treadmill and into homeownership, Skipton's 100% mortgage has sparked lots of interest in the media. We caught up with Emma Crocker from our UK mortgage team to ask for her initial thoughts on what this could mean for the UK mortgage market.

Commentary on economic data and markets

Commentary on economic data and markets

It looks like long upward economic cycle we have experienced is losing strength. Given the amount of monetary tightening that the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, and other central banks in developed countries have been doing for almost a year and a half, some slowdown is generally expected.

A summary of the Spring Budget 2023

A summary of the Spring Budget 2023

Jeremy Hunt, the chancellor, delivered today’s budget with the primary objective of demonstrating grip and momentum.


Commentary on economic data and markets

Commentary on economic data and markets

The expectation is that economies will fall into a mild recession in 2023, reflecting tighter monetary conditions, a less supportive tax policy, and the loss of purchasing power for households. Despite this type of economic setting, the new year is likely to provide a more positive market outlook for both equity and bond investors than was the case in 2022. 

From Growth to Go Slow – Austerity 2.0

Despite promises of eye-watering tax increases and public sector cuts, the Chancellor's Autumn Statement feels more like a pivot to stability and reassurance, with a hint of a potential kick down the road.

2022 Spring Budget & Spending Review

We have pulled together a summary of the key policy announcements that were made in the 2022 Spring Budget and Spending Review