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Supporting your HR needs in the UK.

Growing the geographic footprint of a business exposes HR professionals to new processes, rules, regulation, practices and a completely different culture towards people management. However, whatever the challenge, it’s nothing our experts haven’t seen before. We provide global businesses with access to a team of HR change experts - passionate, tactical, flexible advisors who love helping organisations improve performance by supporting their people.

Dedicated to providing the personal touch essential to success, our global HR partners have a 25-year track record that provides the experience to handle large, difficult projects, supporting you on a local, national and international basis to keep your culture thriving.


NFP can help you:

    • Provide guidance on day to day HR tasks. 
    • Support your business with locally compliant documentation and templates. 
    • Support people leaving your organisation as a result of redundancy, helping them successfully transition to their next opportunity - whatever that may be. 
    • Manage organisational change. 
    • Help senior executives secure their next career opportunity.

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