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Implement a high-quality workplace pension for happier, more focused, more productive employees.

A high-quality workplace pension is a powerful tool for strengthening employee loyalty. It’s a way to attract and retain the talent your company’s success depends on. By providing a competitive pension plan that can provide financial security for the long term, you have the potential to improve morale and job satisfaction throughout your organisation. However, the workplace pensions landscape can be complex.

Our experts are here to provide your business with strategic advice and guidance around those complexities, to help you maximise it’s impact and navigate you safely around workplace pension legislation. Our team of workplace pension consultants are experts in creating and delivering sustainable group pension strategies and can work closely with you to understand your business to meet the challenges it faces, then nimbly adapt to your ever-changing business needs. 


Strategy and Design

Delivering expert advice on all areas of your company pension plan, including legislation, provider selection and contribution structure options. We can help you understand how the different ways in which tax relief is provided, as well as salary sacrifice, can work for your business. We can also advise on other employee benefits that complement your organisation’s workplace pension scheme to help provide a holistic view of your benefits.



Combining world-class customer service with our benefit administration platform so you can outsource the running of your UK pension plan with the confidence that your regulatory tasks will be delivered accurately and on time, every time.



Blending the fundamentals of your pension scheme – charges, investment and administration – with quantitative analysis of your members’ behaviours to help you identify and manage any potential risks to members’ retirement savings and mitigate any future problems.


Member Engagement and Communication

Helping engage your people with your company pension plan from strategy to delivery. Through a careful blend of technology and expertise we’ll deliver communications that engage and better empower your people to make informed pension decisions.


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