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Operational focus

Operational focus

  • Respect the laws applicable to us in the jurisdictions that we operate
  • Honour our internal policies and procedures, ensuring effective governance and monitoring to promote the best client outcomes
  • Ensure that all our business operations are legitimate and provided in a way that is consistent with the Financial Conduct Authority’s principles for business
  • Keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent
Treating customers fairly

Treating customers fairly

  • Using plain English in all of our communications, and offering further explanations should any of our communications be deemed confusing
  • Being open and honest about our products and services
  • Avoid the use of pressure selling techniques and ensuring that our clients understand how we do business
  • Acknowledge mistakes and deal with them in a timely and professional manner aiming to put things right wherever we can

Proper conduct of business


  • Ensuring that we always act with integrity
  • Ensuring that our personnel have the skills to undertake their functions, that there a high level of care throughout our service and that we have used effective diligence where needed
  • Being open and co-operative with our regulators, insurers, broker-partners and business partners
  • Paying due regard to the interests of our clients
  • Observing proper standards of market conduct


Corporate governance

Corporate governance

We build relationships, trust and transparency by doing the right things the right way.

Integrity is fundamental to our business. Our passion is building strong personal relationships based on trust, transparency and active communication so we can create a vibrant and positive work environment for our employees and deliver creative, outstanding solutions to our clients.

Our executive management committee recognises that a company is only as great as its employees, and have committed to fostering a supportive, rewarding, and people-centric workplace that creates opportunities for all. As we continue to evolve our workforce, we’ve introduced numerous recognition, community, finance, wellbeing and professional development initiatives that will make it possible for our employees and our business to thrive both on personal and professional levels. NFP helps guide those executive leaders, and therefore our organisation as whole, through their highly-recognised, shared knowledge and experience across a diverse range of expertise, contributing invaluable insight and direction into the strategic practices and future-forward projection of our business.

We care deeply about our employees’ and clients’ wellbeing and strive to lead by example. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics represents our shared commitment to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects our key values. On the ground, our advisory boards, such as our diversity and inclusion advisory board, also allow us to incorporate the perspectives and insights of employees at all levels of NFP.