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What is public liability insurance?

From customers and visitors to members of the general public, a vast range of external people visit and interact with your business, your premises and your assets on a daily basis. Public liability insurance can help to cover any costs incurred as a result of loss or damage to either a person or their property, where the incident in question is deemed to be the fault of your business.

Furthermore, public liability insurance can extend to cover you and your people when visiting other premises. If you or your people are deemed liable for an accident elsewhere, that harms people or damages property, a public liability insurance policy can be sourced that covers this.

Why is public liability insurance important?

Whichever industry you operate in and whatever your workplace looks like, a trip, fall or accident can happen anywhere. If your business is judged to be liable for loss or injury caused by an accident in your workplace to a member of the public, a legal claim can be made against you to pay for the damage caused.

Not having public liability cover can leave your company liable to pay certain expenses out of your own pocket, including:

  • Damages payments for the affected people(s)
  • Medical bills
  • Costs of repairing or replacing affected property
  • Legal fees

1 in 3

companies wrongly think they don’t need insurance because no customers come to their premises 



the amount in liability claims made in the UK every day 


We see ourselves more as your business partner, rather than just an insurance broker

We know that getting good advice is about far more than supplying quotes and managing renewals. At NFP, we look to understand your business and your goals, uncover your risks, and solve your problems as a trusted partner, rather than just place products with you. As your insurance partner, our goal is to ensure...

Your insurance programme is suitable for you

There are no gaps in your cover

You are paying the right level cover

You get the support you need, should a claim occur

Who can we support with public liability insurance?

Regardless of the type, size or industry you operate in, we can look to source public liability insurance cover for your business.

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Maybe a customer trips on some loose carpet in your shop and breaks their arm. You could be deemed liable for the loose carpet and therefore at fault for the injury, leaving you responsible for paying any damages, medical bills and/or legal fees. Without cover, considerable costs of this nature could threaten the growth of an SME.

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Large corporations

As a larger business, you may have more footfall which could mean more opportunities for incidents to happen. Unforeseen accidents can happen in any workplace, regardless of size. We can source cover that helps to ensure you are proactively covered, should the unexpected happen.