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What is motor fleet insurance?

Either on your premises or out on the road, your vehicles are susceptible to damage. Be it due to a traffic collision, accidental damage, theft or criminal damage, anything that puts one of your fleet out of action – especially if your ability to trade depends on it – can be a big problem.

Motor fleet insurance cover can be split in to five main areas:

  • Standard commercial motor fleet: for businesses that have a fleet of vehicles to lease internally to nominated staff, primarily for business-related travel.
  • Credit hire: for businesses that lease replacement vehicles to people that have been involved in an accident.
  • Haulage insurance: for businesses with a fleet of delivery vehicles that transport goods.
  • Private collections: for individuals with a personal collection of vehicles that they want to protect.
  • Self-drive hire: for businesses that lease vehicles to people that need them for other purposes, e.g for use on holiday to get around or renting a van to help them move house.

Why is motor fleet insurance so important?

Aside from the fact that motor insurance is one of only two compulsory insurance types in the UK, as a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles to trade to the best of their ability, it’s crucial to make sure you’re covered, should one or more of your fleet be put out of action. Here at NFP, our motor fleet insurance team can source motor fleet insurance that can help you cover costs, including:

  • Paying for repairs or replacement of your own vehicles
  • Paying for repairs or replacement of a third-party’s vehicles
  • Securing a temporary replacement while your vehicle is being repaired, so your business doesn’t miss out on income
  • Paying for medical expenses and psychological support

We see ourselves more as your business partner, rather than just an insurance broker

We know that getting good advice is about far more than supplying quotes and managing renewals. At NFP, we look to understand your business and your goals, uncover your risks, and solve your problems as a trusted partner, rather than just place products with you. As your insurance partner, our goal is to ensure...

Your insurance programme is suitable for you

There are no gaps in your cover

You are paying the right level cover

You get the support you need, should a claim occur

Who do we support with motor fleet insurance?

Motor fleets or collections can be utilised in both a business and a personal capacity, which is why we’re proud to support anyone that needs to protect their fleet of cars from the unexpected.

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As an SME, your fleet of vehicles could be a vital cog in your business machine. Should something happen that keeps one or more of your fleet off the road, the financial costs to not only the repairs but the loss of business could be considerate. Our specialists will assess your individual needs and source cover that can soften the blow and help you get you back on your feet.

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Large corporations

As a large business, you may have a fleet of cars that are loaned out to senior personnel for business-related travel use. Accidents and incidents with vehicles happen all the time, so a motor fleet insurance policy can be useful to help alleviate the concerns of lending out vehicles in this capacity.

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Collecting cars is a hobby enjoyed by many, and as with any passion like this, you want to make sure that the items in your collection are properly protected. Our team don’t just help businesses with motor fleet insurance, we can also source cover that looks out for your personal fleet of vehicles.