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Helping you cut through the complexity of global employee benefits management

Our experts make streamlining your global employee benefits strategies simple. Our network of trusted partners on the ground understand how to work with the local decision makers and our consultants will help you keep pace with local employee benefits benchmarking within your industry as well as the ever changing market in each country you operate.

Design, recommend and implement benefit programmes in your new countries of operation

Act as a single point of contact for all your benefits management around the globe

Ensure that your premiums are cost efficient and your benefits offering is competitive in all your global locations

Implement multinational pooling solutions to centralise the benefits contracts of your global subsidiaries and unlock the power of risk-spreading

Employee benefits consultancy

Setting up benefits in new countries

The global marketplace can be daunting and tough to navigate for any business, especially when you take the first step into a new country. We will partner you with a global benefits consultant that will work with you to build and establish a global benefits philosophy whilst also providing local, in-country expertise.

NFP can help your business:

  • Design an employee benefits strategy for your new country that helps to deliver long term value and cost efficiency
  • Reduce the stresses and complexities associated with establishing employee benefits in new countries
  • Give you an independent view when setting up in a country for the first time

Working with NFP to develop our benefits strategy, and keep evolving it to suit our workforce, has transformed our recruitment programme. Promoting our suite of benefits means we can attract the very best talent.

Global benefits management

Global employee benefits management

Getting a firm handle on your benefits strategy, management and decision making can be complicated even when it’s in the language and systems you already understand. Our consultants help you stay on top of the complexities of running plans in multiple countries and are here to be your single, central point of contact.

NFP can help your business:

  • Streamlining your global benefits delivery and building consistency in the service delivery of your global benefits
  • Identifying cost efficiencies
  • Harmonising the view and effectiveness of your global offering
Global benefits management

Global employee benefits auditing and benchmarking

Going above and beyond simply understanding the plan information, NFP look at the nuances of your global locations and local markets to identify whether your organisation’s employee benefits are under, above or at benchmark for that country, within your industry. We can help you drive your organisation forward, auditing all of the necessary data to produce a comprehensive report and detailed recommendations.

We will:

  • Independently analyse how competitive your benefits programme is within your industry
  • Ensure the benefits you offer are competitive
  • Create a strategy of next steps and recommendations to attract and retain talent
Global benefits management

Multinational pooling solutions

Our experts can help you pool your global benefits plans to benefit from enhanced underwriting terms, better plan design, risk spreading, and cost savings (through potential pooling dividends).

NFP can help your business:

  • Give you access to plan features and pricing reserved for larger organisations
  • Conduct a global benefits pooling feasibility study
  • Offer packages that allow you to compete for talent with the larger local competitors